2014 Festival Poster for Beenham in Berkshire

The Beenham festival is in its third year and this is the second year that I’ve designed the advertising. Taking place at the centre of this Berkshire village and set in an officially designated area of outstanding natural beauty, it brings together all the aspects of the community.  The afternoon is a lot of fun in a very traditional way, but activities often have a modern spin.  However; the real energy is generated from the coming together of the people of Beenham and their guests to celebrate ‘life in the round’.  The festival generates a contribution to the coffers of the community and a huge amount of enjoyment.

The poster needs to compete side by side on a library, school or parish noticeboard with other similar local events.

My aim was to capture the vivid colour and movement in a dynamic graphic backdrop to the headlining features.  It’s a busy time of year with many fetes, fairs and festivals. The poster needs to compete side by side on a library, school or parish noticeboard with other similar local events. The more folk attracted from around and about the area (Chapel Row, Theale, Bucklebury and Bradfield) the greater the footfall and thus the potential income and atmosphere.

How to make a local event stand out from the crowd

The poster needed to shout “HEY LOOK AT THIS!” bringing in all the energy, colour, emotion and chaos of the circus and carnival without being too figurative.  I love the livery, flags and theatre that light up a Festival in Spain or Italy so that was another point of reference.

The graphic device I settled on to embody this was a circular swirl of colour I call a spinner; a bit like a Pom in US cheerleader parlance (apparently).  All the movement, fun, music, dance and exuberance could be embodied in this device.  The colours could be changed year after year.

The main masthead acts like a logotype set against the swirling background the combination of which people would come to associate with the event like a brand.

Tinted panels set over the background highlight the content and type.  In the same way that a magazine cover changes from month to month, Annual makeovers of this text layout and colourful feature photos help to differentiate one year from another and of course give visual clues as to the excitement in store.

There are a lot of people who put in a substantial effort to make the Beenham Festival a grand afternoon out for everyone; working to build on the success it has been in 2012 and 2013.  It is my intention that the posters build the brand and trumpet the good news.