Analysis and intuition go hand in hand with design and marketing.

On the basis of “if you can’t measure it should you be doing it”, we believe in the rigour of quantifying goals, getting the perspective of what has gone before, to inform and widen the art of the possible  and to project potential outcomes with our clients.

To nail the brief for your project, we have to nail the numbers and understand cause and effect. This is not to stiffle the creative elements but to inform the analysis and design process to produce the better outcomes.

“A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics has shown that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections…”

Whilst the solutions are not found in an algorithm (whatever the IT people say) the numbers do help the creative process and keep the focus of your efforts on sound marketing and business outcomes.

The numbers in simple formats and systems that we can all easily understand mean that we can together track a starting point and measure the impact and connections between the variables and elements that are significant to your project.

This is no different to budgeting the cost and planning for a financial outcome, but it focuses also on the bit in between, the numbers that will help you make the judgements, calls and decisions needed to implement your project and maximise your return of time effort and your money.

We can work with your existing analytics, help you to develop a simple process for analysing and quantifying your requirements and enable the tools needed in the background to make the quantification as easy as possible, a background process, that will ensure we all focus client and designers, marketers and developers on the right stuff.

We use free tools wherever possible and look to integrate online analytics with many projects including a website, an email or social media campaign, an online form, a sales process, an ebook or a download to name but a few. It helps us clearly demonstrate and measure both qualitatively and quantitatively what we have together achieved.

You can be certain we will not over-guild the Lilly. We will keep it simple and it will not consume too much of our mutually valuable resources.

If you would like to explore some viewpoint Briefing on Analytics click here or maybe contact us directly online to arrange to see some demos and discuss how Analytics might help research, analyse and measure your success objectively.