There are occassions where paper based communications still work better than online methods but often they work best in unison.

It pays to think carefully whether paper is the right medium for your project. Should it be the sole method of delivery or as part of an integrated campaign? What quality, format and size is just right for your requirements?

Printing is much more flexible now. Short runs can be printed digitally at high quality. Higher volumes lithographically.
There will be questions you might like to ask and we can help you find the answers, from concept and content to

Questions to ask, issues and pointers to consider:

  • Why print the item and is it the right medium for your project?
  • Have you considered how much paper goes straight in your bin from your door step, be it your office or at home?
  • Will a paper printed item work better than a digital version, or can it be combined?
  • Would a downloadable document be an alternative in PDF or popular Ebook format? (whether a PDF or popular ebook file format)
  • How will you know whether your leaflet or brochure earn’t it’s keep?
  • What quantities will you need, at what size and how can it be cost effectively produced without sacrificing quality?
  • How important is durability and tactile quality?
  • How will it integrate with your other marketing and communication assets?

How we Can Help

We can help you:

  • Define the brief and quantify the cost of your prospective print item(s) or project
  • Plan monitor and measure the outcome of your printed device.
  • Consider the design and production variables available to you to determine the best option for your needs.
  • Design and develop the content, graphics and integration with your particular campaign of application.
  • Produce visuals, working with you and your team to refine the design and obtain your approval.
  • Convert the design to artwork for print reproduction and verify the printer’s costs and terms of quotation.
  • Work with your agreed supplier or via our recommendation to proof and gain your final approval before full production.
  • Check quality and finishing on completion so you can sign-off,use your print item and measure it’s success.

If you would like to check out our Viewpoint articles on print and related subjects then click here, or simply contact us so we can discuss your needs and begin the conversation by meeting or over the phone