Social Networking

Social Networking is just digital support for something we all do daily even without a computer or mobile. We all share and communicate across the groups and networks that we are associated with and connected to but there are some differences. The question is not really should you be on the social networks, it is more of how and which particular networks are going to be most beneficial to your customers, prospects and related groups that you need to enagage with. To find the answers you need to get into listening mode with your interest groups and explore what your competitors are already doing. To opt-out is a greater business risk than opting in.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

There are some core issues, questions and areas to consider when considering how you will adopt and embrace social networking, just for starters:

  • What networks do your audience currently engage with?
  • What are they already saying about you that you are missing?
  • How can you monitor listen and learn as well as broadcast?
  • How much time and resource do you have available to commit to networking?
  • Don’t under-estimate the time and commitment required!
  • What content do you have that is not just a replication of your website?
  • What interests and engages your potential users?
  • How will it fit within your overall communications plan, both on and off-line?
  • What tools can you adopt to make the process manageable?
  • How will you know how well you are performing?
  • What do you expect to achieve from your networking, it is not always a direct sales channel, more a referral network and we all no ‘word-of-mouth’ is the best form of advertising?
  • The speed at which messages good and bad can permeate across networks can be astounding are you ready and resourced to deal with that?
  • What help do you need to manage these apparently disparate networks and work out a cohesive plan for implementing it?

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