Brand Redesign & Development | WWGiles (Smithfield) Limited

WWGiles an international meat importer (long established in a sector steeped in tradition and history) invited our associate company Intriguing Networks to help them with a project to produce printed materials for an international food marketing event.  Intriguing asked us to look at the project with them.
After an in-depth analysis of the customer base and competitor research, we advised that they needed to modernise their identity and re-brand a highly traditional look which we felt would hinder differentiating the company. It made sense to carry this out in advance of any further marketing materials.  Time was short with an impending season of trade shows so having gained approval for an initial set of proposals we created a re-working of the original Logo elements in a more coherent form. Traditional values were retained by bringing the elements of their original identity together in a contemporary take on a guild’s crest of arms.  During discussions about this the client took a brave step and agreed we should take the design further and replace one of the elements that represented Smithfield’s Market (part of the founding history of the company). Our visual and historical research took us back to Smithfield’s market, a fantastic Victorian iron masterpiece, recently restored.  The shapes, forms and colours are very powerful and we ultimately chose a Lion’s head located on a gate as a suitable iconic reference.  This was duly worked into the design along with colours reminiscent of the Smithfield’s palette and was quickly approved. New stationery was prepared along with updated online graphics and work started on the trade materials.